Member Induction Course (MIC)

The Member Induction Course (MIC) by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) provides new members with an overview of the accountancy profession in Malaysia. This course also introduces members to the Institute and its management, the role of the accountancy profession and the responsibilities of a member. It prepares a new member to be a more effective professional, with the readiness to contribute better to the community and take advantage of opportunities that will present itself.

The requirement to attend the Member Induction Course is provided for under Section 400 of the Institute’s By-laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice).

PART 1 - The Profession and The Institute

PART 2 - By-Laws On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice

PART 3 - Investigation and Disciplinary Proceedings

PART 4 - Financial Statements Review

PART 5 - Practice Review Framework




Mandatory, after ALL lessons (& TIME Duration)

Important Note:

You are required to spend adequate minimum time duration for the lessons (Part 1: 84 minutes; Part 2: 30 minutes; Part 3: 30 minutes; Part 4: 2 minutes; Part 5: 4 minutes - all color-coded icons, INCLUDING the DURATION ICON turning 'green') AND you MUST also complete the SURVEY. (Hint: If the DURATION icon remains red, please re-visit any of the lessons of that PART and continue to spend more time on any of the slides until you meet the minimum duration requirement.)


Q: What if I did NOT manage to spend the minimum time duration for one of the Parts?
A: You will have to click on & re-visit any one of the lessons of that Part (even though the lessons have turned 'green') and continue spending time within that lesson.


You can begin your lessons by clicking on any of the lessons. All the best!

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